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”She looks anorexic.”

You can’t LOOK anorexic. It’s a disease, not the way you look! When will people finally realize this? Same with bulimia. Who would think that i struggle with these things? No one, cause i’m not skinny. But that’s the problem. Most people think you have to be skinny to have an eating disorder. NO, you don’t.

Major pet peeve I wish people weren’t this damn ignorant. It’s a mental illness, not a size!!!
Same goes for really skinny people who are just naturally like that, they don’t have to be anorexic to be so skinny just like they don’t have to be so skinny to be anorexic!

Recovery help?

Urg I need tips or advice, anything!
So I’ve managed to stop purging over the last few months, it’s very rare that I ever purge at all anymore.

BUT the bingeing has not stopped and lately (maybe just because its finals and I’m stressed af) it’s been getting much worse. My vegan progress went down the shitter cause I keep having cheese binges and like I keep finding myself in situations where I had ridiculous binges and feel like shit but I’m not purging anymore so I feel even more like shit…

And I’ve gained so much weight since I’ve stopped purging I can’t zip up any of my jeans anymore, most of my clothes don’t fit me anymore and I look and feel disgusting. I can’t afford therapy now and idk what to tell myself anymore. I binge when I’m stressed, when I’m sad, when I’m angry, when I’m procrastinating and sometimes even use happiness as an excuse… :/

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